Wolfe & Hunter T-Shirt Construction

The second instalment of understanding how something is designed, constructed and finished is here. 

All of our products are designed and finished here on the South Coast of England by our dedicated team at Wolfe & Hunter, we have our own in-house design and development team that handle all concept creation, graphic design and production.  We have a dedicated in-house print team with state of the art screen printing facilities, using only the very best Eco friendly water based inks and additives, our inks are soft to touch and last the test of time remaining full and vibrant after repeated washing.



May 10, 2015

Hi Suzanne, thank you for your help with making the photo light box. it works like a charm and I found the light you had moneitned at home depo! Love all these cards, the ones you made for your son are awesome I love the stamps you have used! Happy Valentines day xxxooxxxoo


May 08, 2015

stunning cards, Sue! love that you used baseball cards for the cards for your son. they are so cool! the stnecil you used is just gorgeous and very pretty rich colors. love the details and the colors in the last card, too! it has its own personality! =) love them all! hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day and that your week is going great! =)

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